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Jersey Hat (unisex)

Jersey Hat (unisex)

This hat is unisex, one size fits most, and made with just one skein. The pattern
is quite simple while knitting the body but the decreases for the Crown is what makes this hat so special, You need to trust the process even if it doesn't make sense at first. The crown is formed by 4 groupings (not equal), the small sections take stitches from the biggest sections to form the shape of the crown. It is truly unique.
Skill Level: Intermediate
Measurements: 20" circumference (bottom)
9'5" length (before blocking)
Yarn: 1 skein of Windy Valley Muskox, shown in Majestic Blend color 5050
Other recommended yarns: Pure Qiviut, Luxury Blend, Pure Bison, Cashmere, Velvety Bison, and Australian Merino.
Needles: US4/3.5mm 16"circular Neddles 
US4/3.5mm Double Point Needles

Customer Reviews

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Catherine E.
Full of errors

I bought the pattern, as advised by the salesperson in the shop, when I bought the yarn. But the pattern is full of errors. As stated in the pattern, to shape the crown of the hat, I should “ Row 68: K2tog , k19, ssk, k2tog, ssk, k43, k2tog , k19, ssk, K2tog, ssk, k42. ”, which means there should be 141 stitches to start off with, but there are only 136 stitches!!! These mistakes continue throughout. I presume whoever wrote the pattern used ‘copy and paste’. Thankfully, I was able to work out what the errors were and rewrote it. Is it the reason why the skill level required for this pattern is intermediate?

Susan B.
What a pleasure!

I heard about the qiviut yarn in the lobby of a hotel in Haines, Alaska.

It was recommended as the most comfortable warm beanie worn by a cancer patient. I came home and found that Windy Valley was the most reasonably priced yarn. I
The first beanie I knit was for my husband and it was the most comforting yarn I had ever used. I did make a beanie for a four year old child who was diagnosed with cancer as well. I recently thought that my husband had lost his beanie so I ordered some yarn to make him a new one.
The yarn took only two days to arrive to my home. I received an email from Giovanna asking how I was doing with my project and she immediately helped me find the perfect pattern for my beanie. I was very impressed by the personal touching highly recommend exploring the world of knitting with the yarns offered at Windy Valley. My husband found his first beanie in his coat pocket but is excited about a new beautiful color for his second beanie!

Lise L.

Absolutely love it❤️

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