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From the delicate under-wool of the Arctic Muskox

Qiviut is a luxurious fiber that is obtained from the muskox, a large mammal that is native to the Arctic Circle. 

This fiber is highly sought after due to its unique properties, which make it one of the softest, lightest, and strongest natural fibers in the world.

It is said to be softer than cashmere, and it's fine, fluffy texture is often compared to a cloud. 

This makes it ideal for use in a variety of garments, including scarves, hats, and sweaters, as it feels soft and comfortable against the skin.

In addition to its softness, qiviut is also renowned for its warmth. 

It is said to be eight times warmer than sheep's wool, making it a perfect choice for garments in cold climates.

The Process of Turning Raw Qiviut Fiber into Yarn

The process of collecting raw qiviut fiber and turning it into the luxurious yarn it is known for is a labor-intensive and time-consuming process. 

Unlike sheep, muskox are not sheared to harvest their fleece. 

Instead, their inner coat is collected from their natural shedding, which occurs in the spring. 

From branches or bushes in the tundra. 

Due to the limited availability of raw qiviut fiber, production of this luxurious yarn is often very limited, making it a rare and sought-after commodity.

The Art of Spinning

To begin the process, the collected raw qiviut fiber is sorted into sections according to its quality and length. 

If the fibers are particularly dirty, they may be scoured, or washed, to remove any dirt or debris. 

Next, the fiber is de-haired to remove the guard hairs, leaving only the soft down behind for spinning.

This dehairing process is crucial to the quality of the final yarn, as the guard hairs are coarser and less desirable than the soft down fibers. 

Once the dehairing process is complete, the remaining fibers are ready to be spun into yarn by hand.

From here, qiviut can be dyed in jewel earthy tones if desired. 

Every knitter should try this luxurious yarn once in their lifetime

Anyone who is looking to add a touch of luxury to their knitting projects, then Windy Valley Muskox is the place to shop. 

What sets them apart is our wide selection of qiviut yarns.

From 100% pure qiviut to blends that include silk, merino, and cashmere. 

By shopping at Windy Valley Muskox, you are not only investing in the highest quality yarn, but you are also supporting underrepresented communities.

These communities practice sustainable and humane harvesting methods, so you can feel good about your purchase knowing that it is helping protect muskox and its habitat.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced knitter, there is something here for you at Windy Valley Muskox.

Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
Sandra M.

A true dream to knit with. Soft but amazingly strong . Color is perfect. I got a jade green color. Give this a try. You won’t be disappointed!!!


My purchase was a gift.

debra g.

I had no idea muskox yarn was a thing but now I’m hooked. Windy Balley did a great job with customer service. Would order again!

Leslie A.
Yummy Yarn

If I could eat it I would. So soft but strong pure Qiviut is amazing I am so glad I gave it a try.

Diane T.

Finally finished knitting a scarf . It never split. Its a really warm brown. I’ve been spinning it as well. It comes out looking like the one I bought.

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