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Guanaco Blend: Guanaco, Merino and Silk Yarn

Yarns are 1oz 28 grams lace weight and 217.41 yards per ball.

The size of the needles/crochet and gauge really depend on the pattern. We have projects that use size US 00 all the way to size US 7, the size most common is US 5 or 3.75mm.

We recommend washing your knitwear hand in lukewarm water. Dry flat and under no circumstances should you dry it on any heat source.

It will naturally become softer and fluffier with each wash.

Guanaco Blend: Guanaco, Merino and Silk Yarn

Blend 40% guanaco, 40% merino, 20% silk.
Yarns are 1oz lace weight, hand spun, and 217.41 yards per ball. This allows many of our patterns to be created with the Windy Valley yarn of your choice.

Due to scarcity and rarity, we will not offer a discount for our Guanaco yarns. 

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