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Windy Valley Muskox, is a family owned yarn business that provides only the finest luxury yarns and fibers to the world of hand knitters.

Our collection includes the fine and rare Qiviut from the ancient North American Muskox. Vicuna is a rescued treasure now available for your special projects which, in addition to our TM Heavenly Suri Alpaca, represents the best quality ever produced.

In these fibers you will find a stunning array of natural and unique dyed yarn colors, available as well in Cashmere, Extra Fine Merino and Bison. Rest assured that only the very best fiber and highest-quality processing methods have been utilized to create these special yarns.

Our materials are found in remote parts of the world where we have developed sustainable sources that are environmentally sensitive and that coincide with Aboriginal values.

These yarns are an extraordinary gift and a true pleasure to work with.

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