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Qiviut Is Among The Finest and Rarest Natural Fibers In The World


Qiviut is a lovely soft yarn that knits like a dream. Knitters often say that qiviut makes cashmere feel rough in comparison.


A fiber so unique, consider treating yourself to the finest quality yarn worthy of your time and effort. Qiviut does not shed, it's odorless, and retains warmth even when wet.


Qiviut has the smallest production per year than any other natural fiber including Vicuna. Not only a rare beauty but a true experience to knit with.


Gentle on your hands to knit, buttery soft to wear! Extremely warm, lightweight fiber that preserves heat in the winter, while also providing cool, breathable comfort in warmer weather.

Qiviuts unique characteristics

8 times warmer than wool

Finer than cashmere

Extremely light natural fiber


How Does Qiviut Compare?

Start your next creation with Windy Valley’s extraordinary yarns that are worthy of your time and effort.

  • Hollow Fiber

  • Lacks Lanolin

  • Lacks Scales

  • Water Repellent

  • Extremely Fine


  • Doesn't shrink

  • 11-14 microns


  • 15-20 microns


  • 17-19 microns


See What Our Knitters Are Saying!

“As to the Pure Qiviut Yarn, which fascinated me most: I never touched something so light and fine, yet warm and strong. There is something like an 'aura' around this product...I can't explain. One has to touch and experience it oneself.”

mary jo

“Consider treating yourself to the finest quality product worthy of your time and effort.”


“If you're looking for very special fibers to make yourself a present or to make a special gift for another, like a shawl for a bridal gift, Windy Valley is a great place to start your search.”


We carry a number of different blends of Qiviut yarns

Pure Qiviut

100% Qiviut

Luxury Blend

45% Qiviut
45% super fine merino wool
10% mulberry silk

Royal Blend

50% Qiviut
50% mulberry silk

Imperial Blend

90% Qiviut
10% Cashmere

Majestic Blend

80% super fine merino wool
15% Qiviut and
5% mulberry silk

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