Alpaca is a luxury fiber that was prized by generations of ancient Peruvians.

The fiber is strong and resilient with a high insulating value to protect the alpaca, a high-altitude animal native to the Andes. There are two varieties: the rare Suri alpaca, with longer and silkier hair, and the Huacaya alpaca, more common and whose hair is most frequently used in garments.

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Suri Alpaca Colors

3010 Oatmeal, 3012 Soft Rain, 3016 Thistle Down, 3017 Very Black, 3020 Glacier Stream, 3025 Plum Pudding, 3026 Pale Sage, 3028 Moss Green, 3029 Very Cherry, 3032 Ivory, 3033 Whipped Butter, 3035 Splash of Lime, 3036 Mint Julep, 3038 Gentle Lavender, 3041 Deep Rose, 3045 Rose Quartz, 3049 Violet Hills, 3052 Alpine Frost, 3053 Blue Hydrangea, 3054 Midnight Storm, 3055 Concord Grape, 3056 Beaujolais, 3058 Wisteria, 3059 Oh Honey, 3060 Salted Caramel, 3063 Woodpile, 6002 Natural Winter, 6003 Natural Gray


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