There’s just something about this yarn:  the lavishness, warmth, and lightness of qiviut; the sumptuousness and shine of silk.  It is definitely our most popular blend!

These fibers compliment each other, and both are light, durable and do not shrink or felt.  If you haven’t knit with our Royal Blend, you do not know what you are missing!

Choose from our beautiful selection of colors, including Natural.

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Royal Blend Colors

4001 Sea Glass Green, 4002 Vintage Pink, 4003 Claret, 4004 Tea Rose, 4005 Red Rust, 4007 Pumpkin Orange, 4008 Iced Violet, 4009 True Blue, 4010 Gold Rush, 4011 Burnt Gold, 4012 Fresh Thyme, 4013 Maize, 4014 English Violet, 4015 Pink Sorbet, 4016 Deep Purple, 4017 Royal Red, 4020 Orchid, 4021 Steely Gaze, 4023 Arctic Lagoon, 4028 Kodiak, 4029 Tangerine, 4030 Pewter, 4032 Sapphire Blue, 4033 Coal Black, 4034 Iceberg, Natural


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Qiviut and Silk Yarn”

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