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Pure Vicuna: 100% Vicuna Yarn

Yarns are 1oz 28 grams lace weight and 217.41 yards per ball.

The size of the needles/crochet and gauge really depend on the pattern. We have projects that use size US 00 all the way to size US 7, the size most common is US 5 or 3.75mm.

We recommend washing your knitwear hand in lukewarm water. Dry flat and under no circumstances should you dry it on any heat source.

It will naturally become softer and fluffier with each wash.

Pure Vicuna: 100% Vicuna Yarn

Vicuña wool is the most luxurious fiber in modern times

Vicuña is finer than any other fiber in the world, with a micron count (the width of a single strand) measuring only 8 to 13 microns. 

It is so soft and sensitive that it is usually left untreated in its natural color -- a spicy cinnamon shade. 

If you have to compare it to cashmere, it's a much softer touch. 

It can be described as a "solid softness" compared to a "fuzzy softness" similar to qiviut. 

We are proud to be the suppliers of this extraordinary knitting yarn for North America. 

Windy Valley's vicuña is imported from Peru following these strict guidelines and meets all certification standards. 

Because of its rarity and unique properties, we are often sold out or have a long waiting list of knitters hoping to get their hands on a skein. 

You can now acquire a small rare treasure that will bring you a great deal of pleasure while knitting... 

A fiber that is truly in a league of its own. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Amber Krueger
Loved the Vicuña

I made a pair of fingerless mitts with a Tree of Life cable on them. It was fabulous knitting every stitch with the Vicuña!
I will be making a knit headband with the Qiviut.
I’m sure I will love that too!

Agnieszka Skawińska
100% Vicuna

I received it recently so my comments are based on a sample I just knitted and in comparison to 100% Guanaco and MuskOx I bought with it. Vicuna is a little softer than MuskOx but not as fluffy. It is a lovely yarn but if I was to choose just 1 yarn as my favorite, it would be Guanaco- it is as soft as Vicuna but half-price of it and almost as fluffy as MuskOx. Unfortunately right now Guanaco looks out of stock.

Polly Mello
Order 3842

I accidentally ordered the Waldein Cowel pattern twice.

Susan Blake
My luxurious gift to me!

I have been trying all of the exotics I can get. Now I have added Vicuña and Guanaco! My quest is never ending and supremely enjoyable!

Gerakd Cyrkiel
Great Yarn

My first order took forever to get to me. However, my second order got here very quickly. I assume you are now keeping an inventory in the US. Great product. I will be ordering again.

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