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Pure Qiviut: 100% Pure Qiviut Yarn

Yarns are 1oz 28 grams lace weight and 217.41 yards per ball.

The size of the needles/crochet and gauge really depend on the pattern. We have projects that use size US 00 all the way to size US 7, the size most common is US 5 or 3.75mm.

Pure Qiviut: 100% Pure Qiviut Yarn

You deserve to treat yourself to a special accessory to enjoy for years. A cloud-like softness unlike any other yarn in your yarn stash. 

Qiviut comes from the fine undercoat of the Muskox. A natural fiber that is one of the warmest and most luxurious fibers in the world.

Unique characteristics of Qiviut include: 

  • 8 times warmer than wool
  • Finer than Cashmere: Some even say it makes cashmere feel rough in comparison
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Hollow Fibers: That's why it's sooo light!
  • Lacks Lanolin/ Scales: This means no itchy, scratchy irritation on your skin when you wear it
  • Water repellent
  • 11-14 microns

  • Qiviut is not just wonderful to wear, it is a dream to work with during the entire knitting process. 

    “If you love to knit, this is one of the most special investments you can make in yarn or a project. Very much worth the splurge!”

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 32 reviews
    Patricia Kuefler
    Soft and Warm

    Mixed with another yarn(I used baby alpaca) Qiviut makes a super warm but light hat that stands up to our cold winter

    Christine Thompson
    Love this fiber.

    The order process was great. The fiber arrived very quickly. Saw the discount on the site, but not good on yarn purchase. 😢

    True Luxury

    I am really enjoying knitting a scarf with the Qiviut yarn recently purchased. It has a lovely hand, and the lace pattern is enhanced by its texture.


    Lovely fiber. Super fast and friendly! Understanding of the challenges of shipping things to Canada.

    Jenn Mueller
    As billed, with caveats for the experienced knitter

    I ordered 2 skeins of the 2/14 for a lace shawl. It knits up at 24 spi on size 4 needles, and is double plied. It's an incredibly light fiber, with an exceptional halo. I briefly experimented with metal needles (just, don't) and bamboo (those blunt tips makes me nuts) before settling back into my knitpicks. As with other fibers with a nice halo, tear backs are a delicate event, you might consider practicing your lace on a more durable fiber until you have the lace dialed in before casting this lovely fiber onto your project needles, but a single tear out didn't do much damage for me. The hand is incredible, and the weight defies perception - like knitting a cloud. It wasn't cheap, and I feel spoiled to be working with such an exceptional fiber. You might consider heavily moisturizing your hands, my organic farmer mitts are a touch rough, but once oiled I wasn't snagging the yarn as I worked. A true pleasure to work with.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Once you finish knitting your project, please block it.

    For next washes please use a mild soap and do not wring. Roll up with a towel and gently squeeze out all the water. Scrunch the garment into a small mound and shape as it dries.

    1 skein: scarf, hat, neck warmer, or fingerless gloves.

    2 skeins: hat, gloves, smokering, cowls, or small shawl.

    4-5 skeins: shawl or vest.

    8+ skeins: shawl or sweater.

    Muskox shed their under-wool fiber naturally each spring, which is then hand-collected from either the tundra, bushes, or branches. We work with locals in Northern communities to gather the fiber.

    We get this precious Muskox resource with a clear commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

    Also, it is important to mention that we purchase the yarns directly from the source, like Vicuna from Peru, Guanaco from Argentina, Qiviut from the Arctic