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100% Raw Vicuna Fiber - 10 Grams

We sell our raw fibers by 10 grams/ or 0.35 oz per bag.

100% Raw Vicuna Fiber - 10 Grams

Vicuña is the most luxurious fiber in modern times.

Vicuña is finer than any other fiber in the world, with a micron count (the width of a single strand) measuring only 8 to 13 microns. 

It is so soft and sensitive that it is usually left untreated in its natural color -- a spicy cinnamon shade. 

If you have to compare it to cashmere, it's a much softer touch. 

It can be described as a "solid softness" compared to a "fuzzy softness" similar to qiviut. 

We are proud to be one of the few suppliers of this extraordinary raw fiber for North America. 

Windy Valley's Vicuña is imported from Peru following strict guidelines that meet all certification standards. 

You can now acquire a small rare treasure. 

price per 10gr.

*Skein not included. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Thomas G.

Bought this product twice for my mom. She loves it, very high quality fiber. Can’t wait to see what she makes with it.

Fred G.
Feeling the Difference!

The vicuna fiber was purchased to compare it with many other fibers. The qiviut fiber was purchased to compare it with other qiviut fiber. Thank you for shipping it so quickly. The vicuna fiber is remarkable!


Fiber is incredibly soft and beautiful, absolutely perfect for my project. Customer service is top notch as well-the owner is very kind and helpful. You won’t be disappointed!

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