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100% Raw Qiviut Fiber

We sell our raw fibers by 10 grams/ or 0.35 oz per bag.

100% Raw Qiviut Fiber

Once a year, in Spring time, Muskox molts its downy undercoat called Qiviut
This wonderful fiber is light, soft, warm and the rarest in the world.

Qiviut has protected this pre-historic goat since the last ice age, surviving temperatures of -58F/-50C.

Our Raw fiber features its natural taupe color, price per 10grams.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Dawn H.
Very soft

I'm looking into creating my own yarn with the quiviut fiber. Just haven't decided what to do with it.

Valerie F.

Wow, so soft. I gave this to a friend for Christmas and she loves it

Rhonda R.
Lovely fiber

The fiber is soft and luxurious. I will be incorporating into a wet felting project and giving some of the fiber to a friend. I wish it wasn't so spendy. I know exactly why it is and completely understand, I just want to play with more of it!

Kathleen R.
Amazing Raw Fiber

I love this fiber that is actually from musk oxen! It is soft with a deep brown color. I am using it as roving in a project that shows off its natural state.

Sue B.
Beautiful fiber

This Qiviut will blend nicely with merino I have, I haven’t decided if I will dye it or use a colored merino but it is beautiful!

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