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100% Raw Qiviut Fiber

We sell our raw fibers by 10 grams/ or 0.35 oz per bag.

100% Raw Qiviut Fiber

Once a year, in Spring time, Muskox molts its downy undercoat called Qiviut
This wonderful fiber is light, soft, warm and the rarest in the world.

Qiviut has protected this pre-historic goat since the last ice age, surviving temperatures of -58F/-50C.

Our Raw fiber features its natural taupe color, price per 10grams.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Haven't Used yet

This is so soft and I'm scared to use it...almost. Right now I have too many projects going so need to get some done so I can free up my wheels. It is beautiful fiber.

Patricia J.
Wonderful fiber to work with

It arrived quickly and was a huge plus it was a dehaired raw fiber. They were packaged into small drawstring little bags which was a very thoughtful way to protect this delicate fiber. I was able to card it with our any problems and spin it into a fine yarn.

Elizabeth M.
Musk Ox

So easy to spin. Soft, downy, dehaired. Loved it!

Dawn H.
Very soft

I'm looking into creating my own yarn with the quiviut fiber. Just haven't decided what to do with it.

Valerie F.

Wow, so soft. I gave this to a friend for Christmas and she loves it

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