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Majestic Blend
Merino, Qiviut and Silk Yarn


Blend of 80% merino, 15% qiviut, and 5% silk.
Yarns are 1oz lace weight and 217.41 yards per ball. This allows many of our patterns to be created with the Windy Valley yarn of your choice.

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Product Description

Blend of 80% merino, 15% qiviut, and 5% silk.

The warmth and luxury of qiviut, combined with the structure of wool, and a bit of silk for shine, this is a fabulous yarn.  We love it for sweaters and hats, especially!

If you haven’t knit with qiviut before and are looking to try it out, this is a great blend.


Additional Information

Majestic Blend Colors

5010 Antique Gold, 5011 Spruce Green, 5012 Robin's Blue, 5013 Pink Grapefruit, 5014 Apron Strings, 5015 Peony Pink, 5016 Heirloom Tomato, 5017 Sky Blue, 5018 Evening Sky, 5020 Purple Fields, 5022 Burnished, 5023 Pale Thistle, 5024 Daffodil, 5027 Grecian Blue, 5028 Fire Island, 5029 Spice Rack, 5030 Fog Bank, 5035 Mallard, 5036 Honey Wheat, 5038 Copper Kettle, 5039 Borealis Basin, 5041 Peridot, 5042 Hot Pink, 5043 Tourmaline, 5047 Coal, 5050 Eggplant, 5051 Maritime Blue, 5052 Ginger Beer, Natural


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Merino, Qiviut and Silk Yarn”

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