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Guanaco blend Yarn


Blend 40% guanaco, 40% merino, 20% silk.
Yarns are 1oz lace weight, hand spun, and 217.41 yards per ball. This allows many of our patterns to be created with the Windy Valley yarn of your choice.

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Product Description

An ancestor of the llama, the guanaco is a camelid native to South America. Guanacos are very striking with their large, alert brown eyes, a streamlined form, and an energetic pace. Their babies, called chulengos, can stand as soon as they are born. Throughout their range, guanacos occupy lands that tend to be very dry. Guanacos were once overhunted for their thick, warm wool. Now they thrive in areas protected by law. The guanaco is classified as an endangered species by CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species). Special certification & licensure is required of guanaco breeders located primarily in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile & Peru.

Like other animals in this species, the guanaco is double coated with a coarse guard hair and soft undercoat. Our guanaco is carefully processed to retain only the luxurious undercoat fibers. This fiber is about 16-18 µ in diameter and comparable to the best cashmere. The guanaco’s soft fiber is valued second only to that of the vicuña. No wonder it is called “the soft secret of Patagonia!”

Our blend combines the extravagance of guanaco with superfine Australian merino for structure, and silk for a beautiful sheen and great hand.

Windy Valley guanaco is about 1 oz of lace weight yarn and has approximately 218 yards in each ball.


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